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ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Home & Carpet


ABC Home & Carpet is one of the country’s oldest home furnishing stores. Their ethos as a department retailer is exceptional, weaving the concept of sacred space with environmentally and ethically sound practices from procurement to payroll.

I currently run the website for ABC, and have learned plenty by working with experienced merchandisers and marketers. At a time of intense development in online sales, our website starting to get the reboot it needs to compete with the digital storefront.


Email & Illustration

While working at ABC as a web designer, I also provided illustrations for the company to use in their emails. This was a promotional email to celebrate a cocktail with all proceeds going towards an LGBTQ youth organization.

Decor Landing Page Whole.jpg

Decor Landing Page

060619 CarpetRug Whole.jpg

Carpet & Rug Landing page